“Kwan.” That word Ilonggos mention when they are uncertain. A colloquial expression. A word that could mean something deep and meaningful, or can just be a swift substitute for that forgotten term at the tip of your tongue.

“Kakadto ka na sa kwan?” “Namit to bala magkaon sa…sa diin to gani? Sa kwan to bala…” “Lakat ta sa kwan ah!” The use of the word “Kwan” can be limitless. Since it does not particularly define anything, “Kwan” is your simple, yet fast locution to pick when your memory fails to deliver the exact word. It is inculcated in our modern Ilonggo culture, and many times, using “Kwan” in your statement allows other people to remember the right word for you.

That is the primary purpose why Kwan.ph is made available for Ilonggos and non-Ilonggos alike. This portal is meant to remember things for you when you are in a look up of places in Iloilo City—local businesses you are uncertain of.

Kwan.ph contains a huge list of information that will allow you to:

  • Explore Iloilo City
  • Discover new places to shop, play, and dine.
  • Amplify your business’ online presence in a platform that can be seen by highly targeted market.

Browse this awesome directory, make your life easier and get your uncertainties answered.

Get started. Find that kwan here in Kwan and be surprised of the incredible list of cool places Iloilo has in store.

Photo Credits to Suvisor Nonard and Others